Wi-Tek WI-MC101G 1000Mbps Fiber Optic Media Converter

TZS 150,000

  • 1000Mbps Single Fiber Optic Media Converter,25KM transfer range
  • Built-in 288KB RAM data buffer, support 9728Bytes long data packet.
  • 9/125um single mode fiber link transmission distance up to 25KM.
  • 50/125um or 62.5/125um multimode fiber link transmission distance up to 550meter and 2KM.
  • Support hot-swappable, plug and play
  • Built-in lightning protection circuit, significantly reduce the damage caused by thunderbolt induction
  • Average working time more than 100,000hours without failures.

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  • The Fiber media converter WI-MC101G be used to transmission Ethernet electric signals into optical signals, the features is transmit and receive optical signals in-phrase by pair of fiber optical cable, due to the signal transmission is light pulse form, so relative to the metal wires are incomparable advantages: high security, reliability, transmission speed, long distance, low cost, saving non-renewable resources.
  • These characteristics are very suitable for metropolitan area networks and local area networking applications.
  • This series of fiber media covnerter adopted powerful ASIC chip, simple design, high reliability, low power consuming and so on.
  • Alarm function can be remind of the link failure occurs and prompts fault location in time, and to force the Ethernet port link power interruption.
  • Use high-quality optical transceiver modules, optical properties provide a good electrical characteristics, to ensure reliable data transmission, long working life