DINTEK,1101-04004CH, CAT6 UTP CABLE 23AWG PVC Cable- Gray

TZS 320,000

DINTEK Cat.6 U/UTP 23AWG PVC Cable – Gray

The DINTEK PowerMAX500™ Category 6 solution is guaranteed to exceed ClassE channel specifications as set down in International standards. Our PowerMAX500™ solution comprises Category 6 component compliant patch panels, keystones and patch cords. When combined with DINTEK’s Category 6 UTP cable, an end-to-end channel exists that maximises data throughput and provides headroom for all future technologies operating beyond one Gigabit.

Cable Features 

  • Conductor sizes for Cat.6 are set at 23AWG.
  • By keeping the gauge size of the conductor larger, there is less heat generation caused and less drop of voltage over distance.
  • Capable of handling the latest ver. of power over Ethernet
  • Cable has been tested over 500Mhz and has shown performance testing results allowing 10Gbit Ethernet transmission up to a length of 70mtr


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Technical Specifications


Material Bare Copper
Wire Size 23AWG
Diameter 0.56mm
Material PE
Diameter Nominal: 1.011 mm
Colors Blue/White-Blue  |  Orange/White-Orange  |  Green/White-Green  |  Brown/White-Brown
Unaged Elongation(%) Min. 300%
Unaged Tensile Strength Min. 1.683 Kgf/mm²
Material Flame Retardant PVC
Thickness 0.5±0.02 mm
Diameter 6.0±0.2 mm
Color Gray standard (Assorted upon request)
Fire Rated Class CM
Physical Ranges
Min. Tension Strength
Before Aging Min. 1.683 Kgf/mm²
After Aging 75% before aging (100℃  X 48hrs)
Min Elongation(%)
Before Aging 300%
After Aging 75% before aging (100℃  X 48hrs)
Min. Tension Strength
Before Aging Min. 1.407 Kgf/mm²
After Aging 75% before aging (100℃  X 168hrs)
Min Elongation(%)
Before Aging Min. 100%
After Aging 50% before aging (100℃  X 168hrs)
Cold Bend Test -20 ± 2℃ x 4hrs no. crack
Dielectric Strength 2500 V dc / 2 seconds
Min. Bending Radius 50mm
Max. Pulling Tension 25 lbs
Installation Temperature 0℃ to +50℃
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Conductor Resistance Max. 7.32 Ω/100m at 20℃
DC Resistence Unbalance Max. 2%
Pair-to-Ground Capacitance Unbalance Max. 160 pF/100m
Dielectric Strength of Insulation 2500 V dc / 2 seconds
Insulation Resistence Test Min. 5000 MΩ·Km
Mutual Capacitance Max. 5600 pF/100m
Impedance 1~100MHz 100Ω ± 15%
Impedance 100-250MHz 100Ω ± 22%