DINTEK,6103-04001A 4Pair 110 PUNCHDOWN TOOL

TZS 47,000

The DINTEK 5 Pair 110 punchdown tool is a easy to use impact tool designed to terminate and cut twisted pair cable, and seat connecting blocks. The punchdown mechanism and termination blades are designed to reliably terminate and cut UTP cable the first time. The tool has an easy to hold handle that helps reduce fatigue when trimming wire or seating connecting blocks to the wiring base.

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  • For use on LAN and Telecom, seating up to 5 UTP pairs at a time
  • Suitable for both 110 type cable side and cross-connect terminals
  • Reliable impact mechanism delivers long term reliability


  • Terminating multi-pair 110 connecting blocks
  • Seating and terminating multi-pair IDC termination blocks